Although it’s my first year as PTA President, this is my sixth year on the Executive Board and I’m proud to say that our group is as active and enthusiastic as ever! Our list of board members and committee chairs this year includes a great mix of parents covering all grades at PRES, including experienced PTA parents, parents new to volunteering for the PTA, even parents new to the school!  I’m thrilled to see so many people who want to create the best learning environment for our children.

Thank you all in advance for your patience and your help as I learn this role and manage my schedule.  I am always open to suggestions for doing things better or introducing new ideas. Contact me any time at


The mission behind the PTA is to provide a powerful voice for our children; to be a relevant resource for our families and the community; and to be a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child. We have spent the past school year and much time this summer striving to improve our programs and operations to bring you the best PTA possible. We are still working on improving our existing programs and events, while we continue to offer new programs to our community.

The PTA is the fun part of the educational community! We want to support our children’s education, while giving them long-lasting memories. Some of our many fun programs include the Back to School and End of Year Picnics, Family Fun Night (the winter dance), Family Fit Night, Family Reading Night, Walking Wednesday, and enrichment assemblies offered to each grade.

The PTA also supports the PRES staff by providing meals at key times such as back to school week and teacher conferences. We plan a whole week of activities to thank our staff during Staff Appreciation Week in May, and we provide an allowance to help teachers and staff cover the cost of items that they normally purchase for their classes out of their own pockets.

We are also proud to be able to support many online subscriptions for use by our students to enhance the curriculum. Everything is online these days. We can’t avoid it, but we can embrace it. Our staff members have identified some great online programs for our students. This year we will provide funding for the following online subscriptions: First in Math, Spelling City, and Brain Pop.

We will also continue to support PRES in their Green School initiative, STEM Day, the Spelling Bee competition, Simulated Congressional Hearings, and Math Olympiads. These are all very exciting programs for our students and their families.

Finally, the PTA advocates for our children on local, state, and federal levels. Our PRES PTA delegates attend regular meetings of the PTA Council of Howard County to represent PRES and to report back to us on the PTA activities at the county, state, and national level.

Does advocating really work? It certainly does! It might take time and patience to see the results in our school, but our voices DO make a difference!


Wow! We are an active PTA! I know you all are wondering: How can I help? All of us are busy, but I do respectfully ask that you contribute to the PRES PTA this year in the following ways:


JOIN – Every membership truly does count, not only at PRES but at the county, state, and national levels when the PTA advocates for our children.

DONATE – Let’s be frank. None of these programs can take place without money. We are all tired of fundraisers, so we have eliminated all other fundraising for the fourth year in a row and are relying on your generous donations to support our programs. Your tax deductible donation is used 100% by us to fund the educational and fun activities we plan for our children and staff.

VOLUNTEER – If every parent says he or she does not have the time to volunteer, our programs won’t be able to take place. Please find at least ONE WAY that you can volunteer for the PRES PTA this year. There are opportunities for everyone, whether you’re available for a one-time event or can offer your time ongoing throughout the year. There are opportunities to volunteer from home as well as in the school. Think about what you like to do or an interesting skill you have to offer and we’ll try to find the right fit for you! Bring along a friend and volunteer together. We’ll show you what to do.


We welcome your feedback and we are always looking for suggestions for fun, fresh ideas, or for ways we can do things better or more productively.  Please be respectful and kind when giving your feedback.  Remember that all of the PTA executive board members and committee chairs are volunteers.  We take time away from our families, our work, and our other commitments doing our best to provide great programs for your children, your families, and the PRES staff.  We appreciate constructive feedback, not criticism.

Join us as we work together to promote an outstanding environment for our children to learn and grow.