Ask the PTA!

Am I required to volunteer if I am a member of PRES PTA?

No! You do not need to volunteer time to be a member of PRES PTA.  A membership shows your support of the programs the PTA is able to provide for the students and the school, and it gives the PTA a stronger voice when lobbying on behalf of all of our children. Your opinions and ideas matter when you are a member. If you can volunteer your time, that is great. If you cannot volunteer, you can support us in other ways.


Ask the PTA!

Do you have a question about how things work at PRES but don’t know who to ask?  Ask the PTA!  E-mail your questions to and we will answer them in our weekly newsletter. We will not share your name, so ask away without hesitation!


How can I give feedback to the PTA?

We welcome your feedback and we are always looking for suggestions for fun, fresh ideas, or for ways we can do things better or more productively.  Please be respectful and kind when giving your feedback.  Remember that all of the PTA executive board members and committee chairs are volunteers.  We take time away from our families, our work, and our other commitments doing our best to provide great programs for your children, your families, and the PRES staff.  We appreciate constructive feedback, not criticism.


PTA executive board and committee chair e-mails can be found on our website at in the Programs section. Contact information for some of our key officers is also listed below:


President - Cindy Newman

1st Vice President - Lisa George 

2nd Vice President - Misty Avila

3rd Vice President - Jill Hartman